profitable niches

Regardless of what you do, these niches pay well

I will segregate them into Niches and Type of clients

TYPES OF CLIENT – Yoga coach, DIY therapies, essential oils producers, and chiropractic care

2. AUTOMOTIVE – Car repair, car detailing, car wash, used car dealers, and online used car search engines

3. BEAUTY – Skincare brands, hair care brands, Makeup brands, nail salon, ecommerce sites like Sephora, and beauty bloggers

4. BOOKS – publishing companies, best selling authors (I use Amazon), and PR agencies

5. BUSINESS – Productivity apps, tools for businesses like Quickbooks, and thought leaders (most of them are on twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn)

6. CANNABIS/CBD – Dispensaries, growers, CBD manufacturers, CBD oils and shops

7. CONSUMER PACKAGED GOODS – Toothpaste, floss, laundry, detergent, and toilet paper

8. DRINKS – wines, breweries, non-alcoholic beverage manufacturers 9. EDUCATION- High education, online education platforms, course creators, student loan servicers, student help centers

10. FASHION – Women’s clothing, men’s clothing, kid’s clothing and accessories

11. FILM – Film production companies, film equipment manufacturers, film school, social media for film makers

12. FINANCE – Banks, accounting firms, personal finance managers, credit counselors, crypto companies, and debt collectors

13. FITNESS- Gyms, personal trainers, based diets, fitness trainers, and restaurants

14. GARDENING: landscaping Companies, nurseries, seeds, ans gardening tools

15. HOME DECOR – Furniture, capo, and interior designers

16. HOME IMPROVEMENT- Roofing, solar power agencies, tool manufacturers, painter

17. INSURANCE: home insurance providers, health insurance providers, renters insurance providers

18. MARKETING- marketing agencies, web development agencies

19. MENTAL HEALTH- Mental health counselors, recovery homes, online mental health platforms, and rehab facilities

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