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Direct first grade used for sale in bale now WhatsApp call us on 07061854359 on mixed bale chiffon top / chiffon gown, jeggings, leggings bomb short, shirts and trousers both office wears for 40,000 (45kg ) ,ladies gown long an short mixed with jump suit 62,000 (55kg) 120,000 (95kg) babies clothes for unisex mixed from 0 to 5 from 0 to 10 an from 6 to 25 years 45kg is 25,000  and 55kg is 42,000 and 95kg 90,000 ,bale of ladies bomb short mixed with both jegins top an trouser ladies shirt 45kg is 30,000 55kg is 50,000 and 95kg is 100,000 ,mens boxers 20,000 for 45kg ladies bale of high pants an bra 25000 for 55kg  and 95kg is for 50,000 . For inquires info us contact our cell no  07061854359 you can also add up on WhatsApp….